Using GenY

To install Geny, you need to register Geny.VS with regasm. when this is done, reg keys are added for vs2008 and 2010 so that Geny is recognized as a c# custom tool (other languages will be supported later)
you should not add Geny to the gac, instead use the /codebase switch with regasm.

When this is done, create a folder called GenYrators under the folder where Geny.VS and Geny.Core are located. in this folder you will place the Geny.TypeWrapper assembly (as well as any other Genyrators you create).
Geny looks for typewrappers in a folder called TypeWrappers under the GenYrators. create such a folder and place the Geny.TypeWrapper.Observable there. You're now ready to generate wrappers for Observable.

(these docs will get better, consider them prerelease placeholders :) )

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